Friday, February 10, 2012

The Devil Behind the Wheel

     Glory to God to still be living after all I have endured in my life. Just laying here at my laptop computer along with my bible while studying deeper into the life of the Apostle Paul, and John who wrote the book of Revelation! Then I told myself that I need to post another event that I've experienced and witnessed first hand.
I remember back around the mid 1990's I use to own a Ford Probe - LOL! Who remembers the old probes? Was driving my favorite color blue. I loved that car so much and it seem that I couldn't stop shining it up with a nice clean wax job. I use to drive that car everywhere between hanging tight with my friend Ron who I adopted as a brother or hanging out with females. My wife isn't around is she?? On a serious note, I would hang out all night. The music would be blasting through the JVC of the likes of Biggie, Tribe Called Quest, Johnnie Gill, and more. Seriously my lifestyle wasn't so great but I thought it was. After all I was working at a steel factory in Dearborn, Michigan making nice money while driving my own car and having my own little bachelor pad. You couldn't tell me a darn thing because I was conceited, stuck on myself, and just starting to drift deep into the world. That is when I was first attending Perfecting Church on Greenfield Rd in Detroit. Singing in the choir, attending church but just as worldly as I wanted to be. One night me and a partner were hanging strong. I'm talking like 3 or 4 in the morning. So here we were rolling up on Dequindre and 8 mile in Detroit just across the street was Warren, Michigan where I was living at the time. I was out so late that no one was out still driving from what I could see, so I thought! As I was driving down Dequindre there was another vehicle wagon like car driving right next to me. The car looked to be grayish in color. We were stopped at a red light next to the old Perry Drug Store. Something just told me to look at the car again so I did. I looked at the driver and was like WHAT?!?!?!? Without any doubt in my mind I know exactly what I saw. There he was the DEVIL himself behind the wheel! I warned my friend to look over at the car next to us because the devil is behind the wheel!
This is what it looked like. He had a dark black or brown like hood over his head. His facial features from the profile view was a hideous mouth protruding outward in a manner I really can't explain, but his head and face were like that of beast or animal with a very hideous look to it! He just sat there very lifeless and didn't move. Did not look like he was even breathing.
My friend looked over and saw it, became very startled and never looked at it again. That seem to be the
longest red light ever! WOW! I believe God just gave me revelation of what I saw that night after all of these years as I'm writing this. Due to my sinful lifestyle, I was attracting those demons and they were always with me. God is telling me that just the way we have angels to protect us (Psalms 91:11 'For he orders his angels to protect you where ever you go') when we live sin filled lives, then we are allowing the spirit of sin, the devil who we are serving to be around us. Sin is not of God but of satan so I was allowed to see with the human eye that I also had a demonic following or presence.

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